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Katrina's Dream Atlanta Part 2

  Did you know someone WALKED ACROSS THE UNITED STATES to demand the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution?

Friday, March 7, 2014

An Old Throw-Back Debate on Feminism

·         Jennifer Stark I should make a "I don't need feminism" page.
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Richard Fredlund oh you met her then
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Brett Allgood Lovely....
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Hayden Gardner faux feminism
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Eliza Divine Why exactly are you hating on the idea that women should be equal to men?
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Jason Voluntaryist D'Ambrosio Don't confuse equality with this newfangled feminist misandry.
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Eliza Divine's really sad you would say that considering what women all around the world are already going through. It's like you're saying "I know, instead of addressing rape culture, child marriage, human trafficking, lower pay for women, constant attacks on access to birth control and sex education, how much religion seems to hate and want to oppress women, the fact that women can't drive in one country, the fact that the equal rights amendment has not passed, the fact that women are still considered property in some parts of the world, the fact that women can be arrested depending on the circumstances in which they have sex (in this and most other countries), the fact that women are still beaten and sold as commodities, even taught to sell themselves as commodities by mainstream media, let's all bash and poke fun and hate on feminism instead!
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Brett Allgood @ Eliza. Equality should be a given, not just in gender, but in race, politics, and sexual preference. Its my feeling the current feminist movement is a witch hunt against men for transgressions of the past, using that horrid past as an excuse to fail in life. This post reflects my view perfectly and apparently i'm not the only one. True equality doesn't bring anyone down, rather, it lifts up the whole. After all, We are One
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Eliza Divine Uh, no...current feminism is pointing out the things that are happening to women because they are women right now, like the ones I just mentioned.
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Jason Voluntaryist D'Ambrosio Again, don't confuse equality with this newfangled feminist misandry.
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Eliza Divine Those "horrid transgressions of the past?" They're not as far in the past as you might think, and they're being repeated today, because people apparently don't learn from the past.
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Eliza Divine It's a real shame that you put so much hatred towards a movement that is trying to lift women up from a crushed status. Slavery of one half of the population for thousands of years does not go away with just one generation because SOME of the people of those generation start to say "yeah, yeah, fine, we're all equal, shut up about it already." It doesn't seem like you pay attention to what is going on with women outside of your circle.
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Brett Allgood If true equality were present on this planet, the entire discussion would be moot. No one argued against current events. The post reflects a "victim" mentally. No one is served when another is repressed, abused or mistreated.
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Jason Voluntaryist D'Ambrosio I bet you think a woman who carries a gun for self-defense is giving in to patriarchy.
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Eliza Divine If there were to be a revolution today, I doubt that women would be considered equal. Women have been part of every revolution throughout history, but each time they've been told basically to go back to the kitchen, just like the revolution in Egypt. Without women actually raising their voices and speaking out, they and their needs and their selves as human beings are often ignored. If you can help create a world where that doesn't happen, then I would be quite happy about that. Until then, telling women they don't need feminism and to just get over themselves is part of the same problem that has happened throughout history every time women have gained some ground - you're telling them to shut up about their problems and their lives and just pay attention to the whole, as if they should sacrifice themselves and bite their tongues for your peace of mind.
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Brett Allgood Miss Eliza, you are not helping with a violent attitude of your own. You presume to know how I stand, even as I explain it in great detail. With RESPECT and LOVE, abuses in all forms, not just against women, but for all the abused can be eliminated. That is EXACTLY the point of this post 
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Jason Voluntaryist D'Ambrosio Ayaan Hirsi Ali is ten times the woman that the so-called "equality" hawks in the feminist movement are.
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Karen Daskawicz Eliza, like many movements that are "well-intended", the "feminist" movement has, IMO, been perverted - mostly by politicians and the usual cast of characters - for their own ends.
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Eliza Divine I have spoken no violence. I would appreciate if you would read what I actually said instead of ignoring it in favor of your own opinion. That is another way in which dissenting voices are ignored.
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Jason Voluntaryist D'Ambrosio Sorry, but the "TRUE YONY SYSTERS" hate on "PYGS" like me because apparently just the fact that I'm a male equals support for infringing upon the lives and liberty of women. But that's all well and good. A few folks in Germany hated an entire faith just because they were that faith.
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Eliza Divine I disagree. I am very much part of it and I don't intend to stop being part of it until women all over the world can walk down the street without having to expect violence just for being women. I intend to speak up until all women have the equal right to speak up, all over the world. I intend to film and point out the transgressions of those who are sexist or who belittle a person based on their gender or a movement based on its support for an underrepresented and highly suppressed gender.
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Brett Allgood I see we can agree to disagree. Peace to you, Sister. 
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Brett Allgood *sigh... Moving along now....
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Karen Daskawicz Eliza, if you think "feminism" will ever make it safe for women to walk down the street without epecting violence, you are living in a dream world. Hell, I wish that would come to pass, too, but that is wishing for utopia, which will never exist.
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Eliza Divine I find it funny that none of you have directly addressed all the direct concerns of gender relations that I listed above, which I will list again: rape culture, child marriage, human trafficking, lower pay for women, constant attacks on access to birth control and sex education, how much religion seems to hate and want to oppress women, the fact that women can't drive in one country, the fact that the equal rights amendment has not passed, the fact that women are still considered property in some parts of the world, the fact that women can be arrested depending on the circumstances in which they have sex (in this and most other countries), the fact that women are still beaten and sold as commodities, even taught to sell themselves as commodities by mainstream media. How exactly do you expect to address all these issues without saying that women are completely equal human beings to men and should be treated as such, which in itself is a feminist ideology? Will you instead ignore these things as normal and mock those who try to change it?
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Amber Ansley Feminism is not women desiring to be equal to men. Its women demanding rights OVER men. And it is pathetic.
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Karen Daskawicz OK, let's start with "rape culture" - a loaded / inflammatory term if there ever was one.
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Jason Voluntaryist D'Ambrosio Yes, because all men just LOVE *eyeroll* the idea of rape. Please...try again.
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Amber Ansley "Its MY body you can't tell me what to do with it!" Says the feminist to her husband before she aborts HIS child. No paternal rights whatsoever. Sick sick SICK
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Eliza Divine Karen Daskawicz, calling someone's attempt to change the world for the better as a wish for Utopia is nothing more than a lazy method of obstruction. It is not at all unreasonable to think that men can go through their lives without the desire to attack or harm women, sexually or otherwise. Feminists have also come up with this radical notion that men are human beings too, and that there's more to them than rapists and serial murderers, that they are not animals that can't control their baser impulses.
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Brett Allgood There's an assumption with feminism that ALL men wish to enslave women. That's my issue here. No one more than myself would rejoice in true equality for All of Us. Its this back and fourth bickering that prevents it
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Eliza Divine I'm sorry that you've all given in to hate so much when women all around the world seriously need love and support. So do men. Why are you wasting your time bashing a movement that tries to secure human rights for a nearly globally suppressed population?
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Karen Daskawicz Wow, Eliza - a lazy method of obstruction? Seriously?

You are not going to find a more staunch defender of equal treatment for women than me. That said, thinking that "solving" the problem of rape is going to be achieved because of the feminist movement - good god. This is not about being obstructionist. It's about dealing with the reality of human existence.
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Brett Allgood *forth (for the grammer nazis)
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Eliza Divine Can you point out a feminist group that has made the claim that all men want any such thing? I do not think that, nor does any other feminist I personally involve myself with within the movement for equality for all.
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Amber Ansley Feminism is equivalent to racism. Separating men from women like black from white. This womens history month shit is as bad as black history month shit. Stop separating and lets all just be equal
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Eliza Divine And who was it that was calling for clarification on the global prevalent rape culture? Please clarify your question a little more and I will address it.
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Brett Allgood The problem solves itself with RESPECT and LOVE. none of which is expressed here
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Eliza Divine That's very easy to say for people who think they live in equality now, but women were frequently ERASED from history and all history concerning the black population was written by white people for quite some time. Women held up half the sky the entire history of our species, but they were completely ignored, because in a lot of cultures it would have been considered immodest for women to be recorded in history or acknowledged in their roles.
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Eliza Divine A dissenting opinion is not a lack of respect or love, Brett Allgood.
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Karen Daskawicz I made the claim that "rape culture" (let's leave the globe out of it for now since that's too diverse - let's just deal with the U.S.) is inflammatory and, in a way, meaningless. It's like the "War on Drugs" or "War on Terrorism" which can be used to define anything any way you want it and justify any action you want to take.
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Eliza Divine Many men are feminists, too, and they contributions are not unwelcome. Feminism is about human respect being extended to both men and women, about pointing out the fallacies in logic in legislation and pointing out the double standards in society that can hopefully be healed so that all people can FEEL equal instead of just being called equal by those who are not suppressed in their immediate lives.
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Karen Daskawicz Eliza, back to "rape culture" - ONLY in the U.S. - can you further clarify why you think that is a legitimate term?
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Eliza Divine Rape culture is the problem of objectifying women to the point where some people no longer consider them human beings, but sex objects. If you do not believe there is a rape culture here in America, I would like to point out hundreds to thousands of rape porn sites in american english, the human trafficking epidemic to which America is one of the highest customers, the rape games and the culture of protecting rapists on college campuses rather than trying to investigate, and the way that prison rape in all of america (america has a lot of its population in prison) and how it is accepted as a norm. "Don't want to be raped? Don't go to prison, then.)
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Eliza Divine Although rape culture does quite a bit of damage to some men, too.
Eliza Divine No matter what a group calls themselves, if there is a culture around them that suppresses what they try to say, then other people will not be receptive and will make excuses to uphold the status quo and put down the people that are already being put down, which is sort of what you just participated in Jennifer Stark.
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Sat Naam Using the term feminist isn't cutting oneself off from anyone, I understand what you are saying, but people use the term feminist more ^ in that regard.
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Karen Daskawicz Just getting back to this. This is from the pdf:

The following is a list of available statistics estimating the scope of Human Trafficking around the world and within the United States. Actual statistics are often unavailable, and some may be contra...See More
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Sat Naam Not to mention many men consider themselves feminist because they see at as a movement that promotes human rights and not a movement that promotes women.
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Eliza Divine Maybe it's called feminism and those men aren't afraid to be called feminists because previously, and even today, some men are told to squash anything inside of them that could be considered feminine, or seem feminine because to be female is, in some cases, even in our culture today, considered to be less. Such as it being considered a high insult to call a man a woman or a girl.
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Eliza Divine Karen, people are now in contact globally, and our cultures all influence one another, but we can keep it to only the US if you like, there is absolutely no shortage of objectification here.
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Karen Daskawicz OK, so if we are talking about rape culture and your claim that many of the women in rape porn videos are sex slaves and not willing paid actresses, I need some data so I can respond appropriately.
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Eliza Divine I gave you data on human trafficking and there's a host of websites online that you could use to research it. As far as whether the rape sites and which uses slaves and which uses models, I could privately point you to databases of thousands of them and you're welcome to go through and decide for yourself which groups are treating the women like human beings...that would be up to none of them...but more specifically which seem to be willing models and which seem to be unwilling. I am not an officer or an investigator in this matter, I pointed out a situation that is very likely and that I also know to have happened because in my teenage years I have run across some videos that were very very obviously not made with willing participants. If you would also like to take them as two different circumstances, then you may, because each one is debilitating enough to the way women are treated and whether or not they are regarded in general by some aspects of society as human beings capable of making their own decisions and capable of saying "no" to sex.
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Mark Graves Feminism ALWAYS portrays men out as rapists and criminals!

What about incidences when men are raped? Why isn't there outcry about that. Rape is bad of course but women aren't the only victims.

Also please do some research about the Wage Gap MYTH. The Huff post even did a write up of that garbage. Don't be ignorant.
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Jason Voluntaryist D'Ambrosio Whoa, whoa, whoa...THE HUFFINGTON POST? The same rag that has their heads so far up the Democratic Party's collective posterior wrote THAT?!?!
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Mark Graves And do you know how I prevent myself from being attacked in Somalia? I DONT fucking to there. That's how I prevent that violence. I avoid the Middle East because I don't want my head cut off either. Solves those problems.
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Sat Naam This just makes me sad to see how much misinformation is propagated through seemingly intelligent human beings. Feminists do fight for male birth control. Feminists do fight for violence against men. No one wants special treatment. Everyone wants inequality to disappear. I am not a feminist, I am a human being that supports other human beings that want to promote goodness. not condescension. respect for any and all.
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Karen Daskawicz Hahahahaha, Jason. I often quote HuffPo, but not before I do a general Google to make sure they have their facts straight. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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Eliza Divine Mark, I do not work with any feminists or feminists group who paint men as all being rapists and criminals. I think you're falling for the straw feminist ideology. You're currently portraying all feminists to be something they are generally not, so it shouldn't be surprising that that happens sometimes, that people don't understand one another so they make up assumptions about who they are. I work with feminists who have this radical notion that men are also human beings capable of being non-violent towards other human beings, and that that should be expected as a norm for all society.
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Eliza Divine Also, Mark, I mentioned prison rape against large numbers of men in my examples of rape culture, because rape in those situations are considered a norm and not considered something that can and should be changed, which is...rape culture.
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Mark Graves

Here's the liberal trash Huff post's article on the wage gap myth.

Wage Gap Myth Exposed -- By Feminists
Bypass the verbal sleights of hand and take a hard look at the numbers. Women are close to achieving the goal of equal pay for equal work. They may be there already.
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Sat Naam " Feminism ALWAYS portrays men out as rapists and criminals! "
I find it a little ironic that this statement was made followed by this one, "Don't be ignorant."
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Karen Daskawicz Seriously - what Sat said. Whenever I get the urge to use always or never, I stop, take a few deep breaths, and consider whether or not I can back that up.
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Eliza Divine Feminists are just usually the people who point out that it's actually a PROBLEM when men rape and attack women, and who actually stand up and say that something needs to change and be done about it, which is usually when the status quo society accuse them of being against men instead of being against violence.
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Mark Graves Feminists don't have to point that out. Normal people can figure that out. Jesus.
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Eliza Divine Feminists are normal people being treated as abnormal people because they work together in a movement to end the problem of violence.
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Mark Graves Feminism is trashy, it's for bearded men with slits between their legs.

Men want women, not butch females.

Women should be nurturing and kind, not bitter and vile.
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Mark Graves And yes what I just said is hateful and I reserve the right to be vile to vile creatures.
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Eliza Divine And "normal people," those well behaved men and women throughout history, have often been ignored or shunned or shamed for speaking up. This went on for hundreds of years. Normal people can speak up among people who aren't listening until they're blue in the face. It's usually when people get sick and tired of things the way they are, the status quo, and the fact that it was considered acceptable, when they gang together and create a movement is when they actually make history, make change, and are heard (but apparently still put down for what they're saying.) If it weren't for feminism, it would still be legal and culturally acceptable here for you or any other man to beat their wives. We now know that to be assault, because of feminism. We now don't consider that an acceptable part of our culture because of feminism. And you might not want to do all of those things, but chances are you might have been taught growing up not to do all those things because of these radical notions and these radical people.
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Sat Naam lol I don't understand why healthy conversation is so difficult on the internet. oh wait.
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Eliza Divine No, it's really not ok for you to be hateful or to say those kinds of things against good people working to be heard. You don't get to tell women what they do or do not want to be. You don't get to tell all men what they do or do not want. You are currently trying to treat those groups of women and men as less than human beings. And that statement, by the way, that you just why I need and adore feminism.
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Eliza Divine I don't care if you or any other men want me to be more feminine and a little more quiet or to not call myself a feminist or to shave my armpits or laugh at your silliest jokes or tell you it's ok to hate on people who stand up for themselves. I would rather be a full Autonomous human being and be regarded as such, not as someone for society to dress up and have behave as they please because of nonsense cultural gender norms. Screw gender. I'm a human being, and I will behave as I choose. I will not harm and I will encourage others not to harm. I will not hate and I will encourage others not to hate. And yes, I will point out bigotry, double standards, and violence in our cultures and communities that are not acceptable.
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Mark Graves "Oh my god, in the past people were mean to this group or that group. Now we have to bitch about it and pass laws and push policies to make up for those transgressions. They deserve special treatment now and a pat on the back because someone in their lineage was treated badly at some point or another."

Yeah shit happened at some point and someone got shit on. Everyone has an ancestor that was treated bad at one point but that has no impact on your life at the present. Get over yourself.
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Mark Graves Why do women have smaller feet than men? So they can stand closer to the sink. Drumroll.
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Eliza Divine I'm using the past as an example because people tend to repeat it over and over again if its not pointed out and learned from. Here, in the present, I'm taking my life into my hands and keeping it right there where it belongs, and encouraging anyone else who has the courage to do so to do so.

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